St. Charles Youth Ministry

Saint Charles Borromeo has an active youth ministry program called SCYM (Saint Charles Youth Ministry). SCYM participants are high school students that attend a variety of schools, such as Bishop Eustace, Holy Cross, Cinnaminson, Moorestown and Delran High Schools. Currently, SCYM also has members from other parishes in both the Trenton and Camden Dioceses. There are roughly fifty members with regular attendance and participation averaging between thirty and thirty-five members. Recently Benedict XVI spoke to the youth in the Czech Republic and told them that “Christ wants to make them happy, and that his voice is not difficult to hear for those who have their hearts open”. Teenagers have so many distractions in today’s modern society between their busy schedules, peer pressure and the morally conflicting messages of the media, that it is often difficult to hear the voice of Christ. The mission of SCYM is to help the youth to hear the loving call of Christ and to open their hearts to Him so they can better deal with the pressures of life and prepare themselves for holiness in their college careers and chosen vocations. SCYM helps the youth find their way to Christ bringing them face to face with Him through the service of others via programs such as Habitat for Humanity, Ronald McDonald House and interaction with others in need of their time and talents. SCYM provides a spiritual reflection each session by bringing the Gospel message to them through methods, activities and guest speakers that are relatable to young adults. SCYM also fulfills its mission by bringing Christ to its members through social interaction with one another. Through various planned activities such as snow tubing, Great Adventure, game night and others, the students are able to associate with young adults from other schools and communities and come together as a true faith community. SCYM meets roughly twice a month on Sunday evenings from 7:30 to 9:00 from October to May.